Rover P6 Rear Caliper Rebuild

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One thing we come across a lot while refurbishing rear calipers for Rover P6’s is the oversized hydraulic piston.

Somewhere around 10 to 15 years ago, the cylinders were being machined out but not sleeved, therefore oversized pistons were being custom made to fit the cylinders.

This scenario creates a problem for anyone who wants to fit and only needs a new seal now because our kits only contain the standard sized seal for the standard piston.

Now when we refurbish the caliper body, we sleeve the cylinder with a stainless steel tube which returns the cylinder bore back to origin size and therefore in the future when a new seal is needed, the standard size seal does the job.

The image to the left shows a standard piston and one of the many custom made oversized pistons that we have come across.

We supply machined and sleeved caliper bodies on a service exchange basis, click on the images for more details

We supply fully refurbished rear calipers for both Rover P6 and Zephyr/Zodiac MK4 on a service exchange basis, click on the images for more details

We also supply individual hydraulic seals and full seal kits as well as hoses, bleed screws and brake pipes made to order. Click on the images

For Refurbished Zephyr /  Zodiac Mk4 Rear  Calipers click on the  part numbers below:

3008E-2K327-G          3008E-2K328-F