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Classic Car Inspections

Our Services now include Classic Car Inspections tailored especially for Pre 1960 cars.

We have customers with Morris 8, Ford Y Series, Rover P4, Standard Vanguard, Ford Consul Classic, Riley RMF and other Pre 1960 classics already that no loner require a MOT in the UK, and we do an annual inspection for their piece of mind and safety.

The service we provide is an inspection and a report detailing your cars condition especially as it may no longer require an MOT. Our inspection can be done as a stand alone job on any classic car both pre & post 1960 or along side servicing and repairs.

Having a detailed log of you classic car’s condition would prove invaluable in the event of an incident which might involve an insurance claim or may increase the value of your car if you decide to sell it.

But more importantly it will highlight any potential risk to your safety while you on the road and will make looking after your pride and joy, preventative and controlled.

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